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Battle-proven smart fundraising process

Customized. Data-driven. Smart digital fundraising campaigns.

CauseMatch not only gives you an amazing fundraising platform, you're also appointed a personal Digital Fundraising Mentor to walk you through our battle-tested four step roadmap that has helped hundreds of nonprofits and causes succeed.

  • Step 1: Identify

    Identify your cause's compelling need and fundraising goal.

  • Step 2: Inspire

    Craft an inspiring story and compelling call-to-action.

  • Step 3: Create

    Create custom-made strategic content.

  • Step 4: Launch

    Launch your campaign with expert digital and strategic mentorship.

Step 1: Identify the fundraising campaign’s concept

Your Digital Fundraising Mentor works with your team to identify a compelling need facing your target population, the visionary solution and the fundraising goal required to make it happen. Note: general fundraising appeals work too! They just need to be presented in the right way.

Step 2: Inspire your community with a compelling story

CauseMatch's Digital Storytellers are veterans at crafting exciting narratives that inspire action. We have helped nonprofits raise tens of millions of dollars. Our Digital Storytellers craft an inspiring fundraising story and messaging strategy that will inspire donors to step-up and donate.

Step 3: Create the content - emails, infographics, social media, video

Now it's time to turn your story into content that targets your ideal donors. Our CauseMatch Digital Storytellers team works with you to craft your story into compelling videos, emails, infographics, and social media.

Step 4: Launch fundraising campaign

Watch visitors turn into donors when they land on your CauseMatch campaign page. Your personal Fundraising Mentor will be alongside you for each phase of the campaign, from reaching-out to VIP donors, to the main donation push, to celebrating success together.

I cannot say enough good about CauseMatch. Responsive, attentive, collaborative, receptive to feedback, excited to help non profits and ngo's achieve their fundraising goals.

JWRP was grateful to have the opportunity to work with CauseMatch and we are excited to work with them again in the future.

Susan Kramer
Director of External Relations | Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project

Coded for Fundraising Success

CauseMatch's digital fundraising platform is easy to use, looks great and also works great on
desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

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